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Dry Eye Comfort

Tear drops are inconvenient and ineffective. Prescription drops sting and are expensive. Omega-3 supplements show mixed results. Dry Eye Comfort fights inflammation + helps soothe dry eye.

Patent-pending vegan formula from Himalayan sea buckthorn seed and fruit oil with 200+ bioactive nutrients and anti-oxidant power proven 70x stronger than Vitamin C. Sea berry contains the highest concentration of Omega-7 in the plant or animal kingdom!

Vision Support • AREDS 2 formula

Blue Blocker

Nurtureyes For Kids

Are You Ready To Treat Eyes Naturally From The Inside Out?

Eyetamins® formulas are created by our founder; board certifed neuro-ophthalmologist, Dr. Kaushal Kulkarni, MD, who is one of the relatively few doctors in the world who specialize in the eye-brain relationship. He'd love to talk through the product line and make sure you understand how each will benefit the people that you treat!

About Dr. Kaushal

A graduate of Columbia University and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, rated the #1 eye hospital in the USA for the past 17 straight years.

Doctor Kaushal Kulkarni, AKA Dr. K, has treated tens of thousands of patients in eye clinics all over the world. After seeing thousands of people suffering from common eye diseases such as macular degeneration, dry eye, and glaucoma, and after seeing the global rise of digital screen use and the effects it has on our eyes and vision, Eyetamins® was finally born.

Quality Ingredients

Hand-picked by Dr. K, each ingredient has been carefully sourced and comes direct from the most reputable suppliers in the world.

From seed to sale, Lutemax® 2020 sets the benchmark for quality, sustainability and traceability by ensuring consistently high-quality ingredients through a transparent supply chain. Quality starts with carefully planted seeds and growing conditions, then continues through engaging and enriching the communities of local farmers who hand-pick the ingredients from the Marigold flower.

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Our mission is to improve the eye health of every person on the planet through 100% natural, clinically proven formulas.

I'd love to learn about your practice.

Need More Evidence?

Sea Buckthorn extract has been widely studied for the past 20 years, with more than 7 clinical trials and 80 scientific publications.

Rich in Proanthocyanins, Flavonoids, and Polyphenols with antioxidant ability 70X stronger than vitamin C.

In Dry Eyes*

Design: Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial was conducted in 100 women of 20 - 75 years old

Dosage: Oral intake of 2000mg sea buckthorn oil or placebo (fractioned coconut and palm oil) for 3 months

Results:Significant improvement

Significant improvement in reported drynessSignificant improvement in reported burning

* Larmo PS, et al. Oral sea buckthorn oil attenuates tear film osmolarity and symptoms in individuals with try eye, J Nutr 2010.

In Dry Skin, Loose Skin, and Wrinkles*

Design: Randomized trial in 60 women age 50 - 70

Dosage: 2000mg sea buckthorn oil and topical application of sea buckthorn cream for 3 months

Results:Significant improvement in:

Skin hydration - increased by 49%Skin elasticity - increased by 26%Appearance of Wrinkles - reduced by 9%

* Yang, et al.. Effects of oral supplementation and topical application of supercritical CO2 extracted sea buckthorn oil on skin ageing of female subjects.
Journal of Applied Cosmetology 2009.

For Dry Mouth*

Design: Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled, cross-over trial was conducted in 24 women of 37 - 66 years old

Dosage: Oral intake of 6 x 500mg sea buckthorn oil or placebo (Fractionated coconut oil) per day for 3 months

Results:Significant improvement

17% more subjects felt improvement in dry mouth compared to the placebo group

* Yang, B. and Erkkola, R. Effects of sea buckthorn oil on mucous membranes of patients of Sjögren’s syndrome. In: The 97th Annual Meeting & Expo of
American Oil Chemists’ Society. 2006

For Vaginal Dryness*

Design: Randomized, double-blinded, placebo-controlled trial in 116 women age 55 - 75

Dosage: Oral intake of 3000mg sea buckthorn oil or placebo (fractionated palm and coconut oil) for 3 months

Results:Significant improvement

11% more subjects reported improvement in vaginal hydration compared to placebo8% increase in Vaginal Health Index compared to placebo

* Larmo PS, et al. Effects of sea buckthorn oil intake on vaginal atrophy in postmenopausal women: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-
controlled study. Maturitas 2014.