• How does blue blocker™ work?

  • How is this any different from my monitor and glasses filtering out the blue light for me?

  • Are these safe for children to take? Say a 15-year old for example?

  • Will I be able to tell if it’s working? And if so, how? Seems like a placebo..

  • I’ve seen studies that show that blue light doesn’t do harm to your eyes, the strain is caused by just staring at something for prolonged periods of time. How would you respond to this?

  • Are there any side effects?

  • Is this going to make me color blind to blue ?

  • How does a vitamin filter the color of light?

  • Why would I use blue blocker™ over blue blocking glasses?

  • Can you provide any additional studies/materials that support your blue blocker™’s ingredients and overall use-case?

  • But I saw this study, doesn’t this provide evidence that blue blocking glasses can protect your retina as well?

  • This is fake right? It’s impossible as a supplement…

  • Why would I get blue blocker™ instead of just cutting down my screen time?

  • Do you offer sample packs for anything smaller than the full bottle?